These are important ways you can take action and have an impact.

First and foremost Be Informed

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We would also like to offer this about taking action getting Clean with your Energy.

Are you wanting to get renewable electricity from a reputable source, but unsure which sources are truly good ones?, While North Country 350 Alliance is not in the business of “endorsing,” this informal information might be helpful to you.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive study, but may point you in helpful directions.

Recently, someone contacted Ginger Storey-Welch to ask whether she would recommend Clean Choice Energy (ESCO).  This led to some research, and after sharing it with this person, it was thought it might be valuable to others.

So here is an informal conversation Ginger had with Scott Shipley of Northern Lights Energy, who installed her solar system:

Scott:  Don’t sign up with Clean Choice Energy. Or any other company selling renewables at a premium. There are a number of companies selling spots in Community Solar projects that are good to join at this time. Solar and wind are now lower cost electricity so paying a premium for it is a bit of a scam. I have 2 accounts in community solar and that seems to work fine. There is a bit of a cost advantage and it encourages the continued buildout of solar projects. In the long run, when all power is from renewables, it won’t really matter. In the meantime joining community solar projects seems to encourage their construction.

Ginger:  Do you have a name of a community solar company for me to pass on to my friend by any chance?
Scott:   I signed up with NexAmp for our apt in Potsdam. There are other companies and more projects going in all the time. Jefferson Co. has a bunch in the works. One is planned for the Meade Rd in Canton; some poor planning by the developer appears to have created some unnecessary hassles but I suspect/hope they work through them by spring. The projects don’t take long to build. Not nearly as long as the paperwork and planning and permitting, it seems.
Ginger:  Would Emmett Smith’s and Louise Gava’s Northern Power and Light fall under this too as something to recommend?  (FYI–Knowing about NPL, Ginger was surprised he wasn’t mentioning them,)
Scott:  I am not really that familiar with what they do though I think the answer is yes. I believe the (LOCAL FAMILY) have signed up for community hydro through their company and are happy with it.
FYI:   Many have contacted Ginger since and given Northern Power and Light the thumbs up.
Northern Power and Light
Northern Lights Energy


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